Invoice Terms & Conditions

  • All invoices are strictly nett.
  • Payment terms are Cash on Delivery unless credit facilities have been agreed in advance. Payment is due on or before 20th of the month following delivery for credit transactions.
  • Credit terms may be withdrawn on any overdue account.
  • All sales are subject to our usual conditions of sale which are available on request. These include retention of the title.
  • All equipment, tanks, stands, bins, buckets, IBCs etc. remain the property of Frylite and should be made available for collection within 48 hours.
  • All used oils/fats become the property of Frylite when placed in Frylite containers.
  • All goods remain the property of Frylite until paid for in full.
  • Frylite reserves the right to offset monies due to the customer against balances payable at any point in time.

Waste Transfer Terms & Conditions

  • Users: Do not put hot oil (more than 30°) back into plastic buckets or bins - allow to cool down
  • I can confirm that the used cooking oil that I provide to Frylite will be:
  • a. Food grade vegetable oil used only by myself
  • b. Free from oil/fats of unkown origin, or other waste products
  • c. Stored in containers previously used for food grade products
  • d. Clearly labelled 'Used Cooking Oil'
  • e. Treated and handled as a food product
  • Collection of used cooking oil carried out in accordance with Frylite Waste Management Procedures.

Frylite undertakes to fulfil all pricing agreements notwithstanding any circumstance which is out of their control such as natural disasters, war, strikes at refinery or in supply chain, the introduction of trade tariffs with countries of origin of fresh product or countries of destination of waste products.

In particular, in the event of a substantial decrease in the value of Used Cooking Oils or fats which are directly linked to the value of the UCOME (bio-diesel) market – a change of more than 20% from the value on the date of commencement of your current pricing agreement will be deemed to be substantial.

Should any of these events occur, Frylite reserves the right to invoke force majeure notice to the customer, of their intention to revise pricing to take into consideration the force majeure event.