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Waste Transfer Terms & Conditions

Frylite undertakes to fulfil all pricing agreements notwithstanding any circumstance which is out of their control such as natural disasters, war, strikes at refinery or in supply chain, the introduction of trade tariffs with countries of origin of fresh product or countries of destination of waste products.

In particular, in the event of a substantial decrease in the value of Used Cooking Oils or fats which are directly linked to the value of the UCOME (bio-diesel) market – a change of more than 20% from the value on the date of commencement of your current pricing agreement will be deemed to be substantial.

Should any of these events occur, Frylite reserves the right to invoke force majeure notice to the customer, of their intention to revise pricing to take into consideration the force majeure event.

We’re only a phone call away


Supplying Fresh.

We supply a range of quality cooking oils straight to your door at prices that make sense.

Collecting Waste.

Our reliable service collects waste cooking oil, making us the natural choice for complete vegetable oil solutions.

Converting to Fuels.

Everything we collect from the food industry is converted into renewable energy.


Frylite is Ireland’s leading supplier of fresh cooking oil and collector of waste oil. With a reputation that has been built on exceptional quality products and service, we have an unbeatable wealth of knowledge and expertise of the food service sector throughout Ireland. At Frylite, we provide the complete oil management system, with a ground breaking all in one oil supply and waste collection service.

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