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Minimising Effort
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The Frylite Group has a long history of helping businesses in hospitality and food service to put quality and sustainability on the menu. Across Ireland, we’re the leading and natural choice for all kinds of retailers and caterers, supplying 32.5 million litres of fresh
cooking oil and collecting 22 million litres of used cooking oil for recycling into biodiesel.
Our Food Waste division is building on our knowledge and network and enabling even more customers to take advantage of the benefits.

Diverting Food Waste from landfill

Fleet of specialised, carbon efficient & fuel saving vehicles

Electronic bin lifts for ease of collection

We collect plate scrapings and packaged food waste

Monthly statistics to help you work better & save money

The experts in supplying the food service industry, our waste food collection service minimises waste by recycling it into biogas and biofertilizer. That all ensures you’re complying with new food waste legislation and playing your part in helping our industry to be more sustainable.
But the business benefits don’t end there.
We can help you to be Greener AND Leaner!

Minimising Food Waste
Maximising Opportunity

Minimising Challenges
Maximising Opportunity

We’ve always seen challenge as opportunity. So with vast
experience in food service and a national network, we have the expertise and resources to help you meet the stringent new food waste regulations.
The Law: Food Waste Legislation
Aimed at ensuring that no food waste goes to landfill, the
new legislation can seem like an additional burden to many businesses. Our sustainable service not only lightens the load, but also provides benefits that can help to make your Business Greener AND Leaner.

Minimising Costs Maximising Margins

Across the food service industry, our food waste recycling service will prevent 5,000 tons of food waste from going to landfill.

What happens to
your food waste?



Compost Fertilizer



Food waste fuels the future!

We convert food waste into renewable resources such as electricity, heat, fuel and organic fertiliser which is an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical fertilisers.

Frylite's Step-by-step Collection Service

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“I understand the need to be greener in business and I don’t like waste, but when the new food waste regs came in I thought that’s just another thing for me to worry about. I needn’t have – Frylite’s Food Waste Diversion take care of it all. I’m complaint and I can prove it. I’m doing my bit for the environment. Well, FWD is doing it for me. And everyone’s happy!”
Gary Jenkins
Balloo House Group

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