Building a Circular Economy

The Circular Economy is central to the company's ethos.

Frylite Staff have a passion to not only be the best at what they do, but also to ensure that they adhere to their social responsibilities by going about their business causing minimal impact on the environment

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We also make every effort to minimise our Carbon Footprint from our day to day operations but it is our Used Cooking Oil collection service which really sets us apart in the fight against Climate Change

We supply over 30,000 tons of the Freshest available cooking oils to the hospitality and food manufacturing sectors throughout the island of Ireland.


We however also collect over 20,000 tones of used cooking oils from the same businesses within the hospitality and food manufacturing industries.

The diversion of this waste oil from landfill has a CO2 emission saving of 3.2 tons CO2 Equivalent per ton of used oil.

That’s a whopping annual saving of over 64,000 tons of CO2 Equivalent saved from entering the earth’s atmosphere

100% of the waste oils collected are then recovered to produce the main ingredient for the manufacture of Biodiesel…. So, remember, the next time you are filling up your car with diesel, your journey is part powered by the good people at Frylite!


Why us

The Pioneers of Sustainable Packaging

Our Packaging has been designed with several considerations in mind but most of all the Circular economy and the elimination of one trip plastic.

We have been Pioneers of this for more than 30 years with packaging which consists of fully re-usable buckets and tanks.

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We’re only a phone call away


Supplying Fresh.

We supply a range of quality cooking oils straight to your door at prices that make sense.

Collecting Waste.

Our reliable service collects waste cooking oil, making us the natural choice for complete vegetable oil solutions.

Converting to Fuels.

Everything we collect from the food industry is converted into renewable energy.

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