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Frylite Soyabean Oil

One of the most widely consumed oils.

For cooks and chefs, the real benefit is Soyabean oil’s versatility and taste qualities. Soyabean enhances the natural flavours of prepared foods and its little flavour doesn’t interfere with the taste of food.


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Galway Depot
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Depot Manager: Michelle Doherty

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Depot Manager: Willem Meintjies

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Our Soya Oil is 100% non-hydrogenated refined, deodorized soya bean vegetable oil, with anti-foaming agent (E900) to aid the frying process and is available in bulk, bucket or IBC delivery.  We operate strict approved supplier programme and source oil only from approved suppliers.  Oil is EU sourced.  We also operate a detailed positive release programme of inspection and monitoring for all oil prior to acceptance and intake to ensure that the safest, highest quality standards are maintained from source, to customer and onward to your consumers.

The product specification states that Under EC Reg. 1169/2011 Annex II, refined soya bean oil is not an allergen. The regulations are clear given that this particular exemption to allergens exists for soya oil.  This is because; all trace of protein material is removed from the soya bean through the refining process, as clarified and stated by the exemption.  As Soybean however is a GM product from which the oil is derived, whilst no genetically modified material is left from the refining process (again protein removed) we are still required to declare GMO derived on our labelling.


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Nutritional Information

[source: ISO 5508 Ref Method] Energy per 100g: 900kcals / 3700kJ Total Fat Content: 100% [of which saturates – 7%; mono-unsaturates – 63%; Polyunsaturates – 29; trans-fats – 1%; cholesterol -0]; Protein: Trace; Carbohydrate:0.0; Minerals- trace

Allergen Information

This product is free from the following products or their derivatives: animal
products or by-products; Maize; cereals containing gluten; crustaceans; molluscs, seafood, egg; fish;
peanuts; sesame seed; sunflower; cottonseeds; Wheat; Milk; celery; mustard; nuts; lupin, Fruit; Yeast

In terms of Quality & Chemical Standards, the following parameters apply:

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