This week Frylite welcomed their new 18 tonne dual product bulk oil truck. This truck is capable of safely carrying high volumes & pumping different types of oils to our customers from our Cork Depot. In a system designed by Frylite, the oils are pumped off through specialised food grade calibrated meters ensuring the customer gets the exact volumes they require at each delivery, and in a way that is environmentally friendly with no waste packaging involved. With customised specially made separate storage tanks we can deliver specific oil products to our customers as well as collect the used oils in separate pumping &collection systems. Additional storage compartments are also built into the truck facilitate the sales of our Frylite multi-use buckets of oil to customers in addition to those who use the Frylite bulk oil storage system. This new addition to our growing fleet in Cork depot will enhance our ability to meet the needs of existing and new customers in the South of Ireland.