100% Natural Beef Dripping. The Natural Choice

100% natural with no artificial chemicals or oils.

A great way to make traditional chips; crispy and dry
on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside


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Frylite Ltd. Group Head Office
Orchard Road Industrial Estate
Orchard Road
Co Tyrone
Northern Ireland
BT82 9FR


Galway Depot
Frylite (Ireland) Ltd
Co Galway
Republic of Ireland

Depot Manager: Michelle Doherty

Dublin Depot
Frylite (Dublin) Ltd
St. Anne's Business Park
Ballystruan Lane
Co. Dublin
Republic of Ireland


Depot Manager: Rafal Rogulski

Cork Depot
Frylite (Cork)
Unit 1
GB Business Park
Little Island
Republic of Ireland

Depot Manager: Willem Meintjies


Our 100% natural beef dripping is free from chemicals or oils and low in artificial trans fats, containing only what you need to make food taste great.


For traditional takeaways and lovers of good fish and chips, it makes chips that are crispy and dry on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside, and have a classic flavour.


Our beef dripping is refined and de-odourised white beef dripping that also contains a natural anti-oxidant that gives both good fry life and shelf life.


Beef dripping is also suitable as a substance for baking and ideally suited for all frying preparations at high temperatures.

Beef dripping is a natural
product with no artificial
preservatives, natural
colouring with no added
colouring agent, additives,
and taste enhancers.

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Key Features

Ideal for traditional takeaways, it makes chips crispy and dry on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside with a classic flavour.

Our beef dripping undergoes a refining and deodorising process, resulting in a white beef dripping that boasts a prolonged fry life and extended shelf life. Not only does it offer a delectable, authentic flavor, but it also imparts a distinctive taste that is characteristic of this type of cooking oil.

Beef dripping product is also available in a standard form 10kgs.
The product is free from 14 main allergens.

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Supplying Fresh.

We supply a range of quality cooking oils straight to your door at prices that make sense.

Collecting Waste.

Our reliable service collects waste cooking oil, making us the natural choice for complete vegetable oil solutions.

Converting to Fuels.

Everything we collect from the food industry is converted into renewable energy.