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Permits – a legal requirement

With increasing concerns about the environment and fly tipping, long gone are the days of a man in a van turning up to collect your UCO. In fact local councils and authorities have developed strict regulations regarding waste disposal and are severely clamping down on and putting such illegal operators out of business.

Nowadays to collect oil or any waste product for that matter the collecting organisation is required by law to apply for a waste collection permit in each of the geographical areas it operates in. These permits which are costly, take a long time to apply for and involve a full audit of the waste collectors activities and processes to ensure that they are disposing of their customers waste in the most up to date and environmentally friendly and responsive manner .

Frylite is the only waste collection company in Ireland that can truly claim to offer it’s customers a legal and legitimate form of nationwide collection. In fact, unlike many of our competitors we are fully licensed by authorities on both sides of the border to collect waste in every county in Ireland. Every two years each of these permits are revalidated and we continue to invest significant resources to ensure that we are at the forefront of all current and impending environmental legislation and regulations.

As the collection industry begins to clean up its act the focus of attention is now moving towards the catering industry and increasingly Environmental Health Officers look for documentary evidence that you are discharging your waste collection service to a licensed and legitimate collector. As part of our overall customer offering every Frylite customer receives as standard a waste permit and HACCP documentation which they can publicly display or produce upon request to an EHO during one of their visits.

Frylite Strabane Depot Waste Management Licence: WML 26/26

Frylite Dublin Depot Waste Facility Permit: WFP-FG-16-0004

Frylite Cork Depot Waste Facility Permit: WFP-CK-11-0092

Frylite Galway Depot Waste Facility Permit: WFP-G-17-0001

Frylite Coleraine Depot Waste Management Licence: WML 10/36


NI Waste Carriers Licence: RoC 212

ROI Waste Collection Permit: NWCPO-10-01297


Frylite Strabane Pollution Prevention and Control Permit: PPC/05/C/0005/V1


Frylite Ireland Ltd Transfrontier Shipment Registration: TFS/IRE/G224/19

Frylite Dublin Ltd Transfrontier Shipment Registration: TFS/IRE/G086/19

Frylite Ltd Transfrontier Shipment Registration: TFS/IRE/G223/19


Frylite Group ISCC certification: EU-ISCC-Cert-DE105-82769505

Our operations entail the supply of fresh cooking oil and hard fats to our customers throughout Ireland. We supply from our three depots in ROI: Dublin, Cork and Galway and from our processing site in Strabane and distribution depot in Coleraine NI.

We also collect used cooking oil and fats from our customers and from amenity sites throughout Ireland. This oil is transferred from all our depots to our processing site in Strabane, where it undergoes a separation process to remove water and food residues. The waste food residues are collected from site at Strabane and disposed of at a licenced anaerobic digestion plant. The waste water is treated through our onsite waste water treatment facility which is then discharged under consent. The filtered oil is then sent for bio-diesel production to manufacturers in the UK, ROI and the Continent.

Biofuels and bio-liquids production must be qualified as “sustainable” in accordance with the criteria of this EU Renewable Energy Directive. Our involvement in the production of bio-diesel means we must also be compliant with the EU Renewable Energy Directive, and operate sustainably. Frylite have gained certification from the International Sustainable Carbon Certification (ISCC) body, providing recognition of compliance with EU RED Directive.

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