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Free Equipment

Frylite can provide customers with a range of different sized tanks to meet their usage needs ranging fromĀ 105 litres up to 1000 litres. We can also procure and install a range of different customised steel tanks to meet your needs.


Height Width Depth
105 litre tank 4ft 6inches
(54 inches)
1ft 3inches
(15 inches)
1ft 10inches
(22 inches)
200 litre tank 5ft 3inches
(63 inches)
1ft 10inches
(22 inches )
1ft 10inches
(22 inches )
300 litre tank 5ft 9inches
(69 inches)
2ft 6inches
1000 litre tank 6ft 3inches
(75 inches)
5ft 4inches
(64 inches)
2ft 6inches
(30 inches)

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