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Pomace olive oil

Pomace olive oil is a versatile all rounder and an essential tool for any busy chef who is looking to bring a taste of the Mediterranean to their cooking.

An economical oil, it is often the best oil to cook with as many of the delicate flavours, tastes and aromas of an extra virgin olive oil can be lost during the cooking process. It is made by extracting the residual oil from the olive press cake. It is then carefully refined and combined with Extra Virgin olive oil.

Cholesterol free and high in vitamins E and A, Pomace oil can replace traditional oils in your dishes in a healthy and delicious way and is ideal for frying, cooking, baking as well as using it for a range of dressings and even mayonnaises.

Cremonini’s Pomace Oil is a perfect, accurate mix of Virgin Olive Oil and Pomace Olive Oil and its quality and first class flavour make it suitable for any type of cooking.

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