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Extra Virgin olive oil

Oils are our business – we’re passionate about them and during the twenty four years we have been in business we have consciously pursued a policy of sourcing and selecting superior, better quality oils for our customers.

Before launching a new range of olive oils we comprehensively researched the olive oil market and became quickly aware that it is possible to buy mediocre oils of no discernable taste or quality at rock bottom prices. However, we have built our business on the basis of quality and know that our customer wants a good quality oil that is competitively priced. With this in mind, and to select an oil that specifically suited the Irish palate, we enlisted the help of chefs throughout Ireland to road test, taste and ultimately select the oils that we now have pleasure in presenting you with.

Cremonini – an oil chosen by chefs

Over a period of months we consulted widely asking hundreds of chefs to take part in what turned out to be the biggest olive oil tasting and sampling survey ever to be held in Ireland. In blind tastings, using olive oils from different countries we asked chefs from all over the country to select and rate their preferred options, with Cremonini cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and Cremonini pomace olive oil emerging as clear favourites.

Whilst taste was one of the key criteria, we also asked them to consider usability and application in a modern kitchen. Cremonini emerged as the chef’s favourite oil of choice not only because it tastes great but because it was also able to stand up to the demands of a busy kitchen. Since its launch we have held individual taste tastings throughout the country and Cremonini is now stocked and used in some of Ireland’s finest kitchens and restaurants. We’d love you to try it and are confident that, you too will love our new range, after all it was chosen by chefs for use by chefs.

To arrange a personal taste test simply call George McCay, Frylite’s National Sales Manager on 00 353 87 230 7490.

Cremonini – an oil making tradition

Both of our new olive oils have been specially sourced from the Cremonini family who have been producing olive oil for generations in the small town of Forli just outside the city of Bologna. The company has an international reputation for producing some of the best olive oils in Italy and the Cremonini name is well known throughout Italy and further afield.The company was initially founded by Giuseppe Cremonini who started making olive oil commercially nearly seventy years ago. This family tradition still continues today and the business is now run by his two sons Angelo and Camillo who have transformed this small family run business in to the Olitalia Group. Still owned and run by the Cremonini family, Olitalia has grown to become the largest single exporter of olive oils in Italy producing 90 million litres of olive oil annually which is sold in 150 countries, across five continents.

In line with the growing popularity of their oils, Olitalia have extended and added to their product portfolio over the years. The product range is vast and they now sell a range of branded olive oils and flavoured olive oils and a special DOP range which allows the olive oil connoisseur to taste and experience the finest olive oils sourced from different regions and areas of Italy, each famed for their individual taste, characteristics and oil making tradition.

Despite their large product range, only one olive oil, the oil Frylite sells, is good enough to bear the Cremonini family name. This is a mark of its outstanding quality and in memory of a bygone era and strong family tradition when Giuseppe and his two sons toiled in the olive groves striving to produce an olive oil that would soon become the most popular in the world.

An ongoing commitment to quality

Cremonini maintain their reputation for high quality by personally tasting and selecting top quality extra virgin olive oils on a daily basis. Everyday, a team of 8 people gather in the company laboratory to smell and taste test different batches of oil. This analysis is often carried out under the watchful eye of the Managing Director who is a professional olive oil taster and a regional delegate of the ONACO, the national organisation of olive oil tasters. Further examples of their ongoing commitment to maintaining high product quality is exemplified in their achievement of various quality certifications from IFS, BRC and BVQI. They also have IS0 9002 and closely follow HACCP food principles and guidelines.

Our new range

In line with our tradition of bringing new innovations to the market, Frylite, Ireland’s leading edible oil specialist has launched a delicious new range of Italian olive oils. Our range encompasses a cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and a pomace olive oil. Both oils come in 5 litre tins and are produced by leading Italian olive oil specialist Cremonini oils.

Extra Virgin is called the king of olive oils, it is the highest quality classification of olive oil and is characterised by its outstanding fruity taste and low acidity. It is a totally natural and unrefined product made from 100 % pure olive fruit juice .What adds to Cremonini’s flavour and aroma even more is that its extra virgin olive oil is produced from the first cold press of the olives. Not all extra virgin oils are produced like this and often heat applied during the extraction process can damage the unique flavour and aroma that extra virgin olive oils are often prized for. A flavouring in its own right, Cremonini’s extra virgin olive oil is an ideal accompaniment to cooked food and can also be used also for sauces, marinades and mayonnaises. It is delicious drizzled on salad leaves, pasta or fresh crusty bread.

Not all oils are the same and when you taste Cremonini Extra Virgin olive oil you’ll realise why. A Fruity flavour is the most coveted characteristic of any extra virgin olive oil and Cremonini has managed to create an extra virgin olive oil with a truly special taste: the taste of simplicity itself. This oil is obtained according to the time-honoured rules of cold-pressing in order to intensify the fragrance of the choicest varieties of olives. As well as its characteristic “fruity flavour” Cremonini Extra Virgin olive oil has a clean, well-balanced aroma and a full-bodied taste, capable of gratifying an exacting and refined palate. Depending on the seasonal weather pattern, its colour may vary slightly, thus providing a natural perfection: its constant variety.

Cremonini Pomace olive oil

Pomace olive oil is a versatile all rounder and an essential tool for any busy chef who is looking to bring a taste of the Mediterranean to their cooking .An economical oil, it is often the best oil to cook with as many of the delicate flavours, tastes and aromas of an extra virgin olive oil can be lost during the cooking process. It is made by extracting the residual oil from the olive press cake. It is then carefully refined and combined with Extra Virgin olive oil. Cholesterol free and high in vitamins E and A, Pomace oil can replace traditional oils in your dishes in a healthy and delicious way and is ideal for frying, cooking, baking as well as using it for a range of dressings and even mayonnaises. Cremonini’s Pomace Oil is a perfect, accurate mix of Virgin Olive Oil and Pomace Olive Oil and its quality and first class flavour make it suitable for any type of cooking.

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