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Customer Support

If you would like to speak, or send an e-mail, to a support representative in connection with a sales enquiry, a delivery or your account please select from the options below.


Shauna Moore
Telesales Manager
Tel: 02871 383133

Frequently asked questions

What price is your cooking oil?
Price of oil varies depending on the type of cooking oil used, we offer a large array of different cooking oils such as Soya bean, Rapeseed, prep oil, extra virgin olive oil.

How do I go about placing an order?
If you are a new customer, sales will issue you with a unique reference number and can arrange a regular delivery schedule that suits your requirements.

Can you take away our used cooking oil?
Yes Frylite are fully licenced and permitted to take away waste oil and hard fats and comply fully with the requirements of the environmental agency.

I have limited storage space what options can you offer?
Frylite provide an all in one fresh oil and waste management system, we can provide Bulk tanks or 20L/10L buckets of fresh cooking oil and 100L/200L barrels for the disposal of waste cooking oil or hard fats.

Are buckets returnable?
Yes buckets are returnable, this is because Frylite are fully committed to helping reduce the waste and potential harm to the environment we live in. Waste oil or hard fats can be put back into our buckets and we can take it away at the same time that we deliver fresh oil to your premises.


Ciaran Duffy
Transport Manager
02871 383133

Frequently asked questions

When am I due my next delivery/collection?
When you become a Frylite customer you will be issued a delivery date. If you need oil before this we will try and accommodate you. If you did not receive a delivery date please contact us.

How often am I getting a delivery/collection?
We work on a two week cycle. We deliver depending on your needs/usage. We can service customers weekly, fortnightly, monthly.

I am out of oil, can you get me a delivery ASAP?
In most cases we will be able to provide an emergency delivery, as we have vehicles throughout the whole of Ireland daily.

I am setting up a new restaurant. Can I start using Frylite?
Please contact us and a member of our Sales team will be in touch today to arrange a meeting or delivery or collection.


Sinead McDermott
Group Credit Control Manager
Tel: 02871 383133

Frequently asked questions

What is my current balance.
Our systems update your account throughout the day so that we can accurately read your current balance even if a delivery is made on the day of your query.

Can you send me a copy invoice/statement?
The Accounts Receivable team can send copies of Proof of Deliveries, Invoices and statements by Fax, Post or Email. We offer every customer the choice of receiving their monthly statement by post or email. Please contact us to setup this facility on your account.

Did you receive my cheque / bacs payment?
We process and allocate your cheques and bacs payments on the same day as we receive them, giving you peace of mind that your account is in order.

I want to change my direct debit information – how do I do this?
At the moment we need to forward a new Direct Debit Mandate to you for your completion and signature, this must be returned by post to our head office for processing. We are however working on improving this service with the view to being able to accept Direct Debit Instructions over the phone.

When is my direct debit due and how much is it for?
We normally request our Direct Debits on or around the 20th of each month, although this is subject to bank holidays and weekends. The actual date and amount is stated on your monthly statement.

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